Your company profile is not about you!

There is no doubt that a well-presented company profile is a useful sales tool.  You can use it as a leave-behind after meetings to reinforce the value you can bring to prospective clients, or send it in advance to position your company in their minds.  You might even hand-deliver it to key prospects, giving yourself an excuse to pop in for five minutes.  You might choose to attach your company profile to high value quotes, giving your customers reassurance that you are worth the price.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that your company profile is about you.  It’s not; it’s about your clients!  Don’t be the guy at the cocktail party who tells you his entire life story, but doesn’t bother to find out anything about you.

If your company profile focuses on the usual fare, you might want to rethink it.  Instead of:

  • When you were established
  • Your mission statement
  • Your company vision
  • Long many branches or divisions you have
  • Your range of products and services
  • Promises of market leadership and product innovation

Decide what matters to your target market, and what will make them trust you and believe your promises.  They probably won’t care that your mission statement boasts that you’re committed to the pursuit of excellence, or that it’s your vision to be the industry leader by 2015.  What they want to know is what you can do for them today.  So show them what is important to them.

  • Tell them how they will look good if they use your products or services
  • Prove that you can help them avoid risk (if they are risk averse)
  • Reassure them that they can rely on you to deliver everything you promise
  • Explain why your innovation is relevant to them
  • Demonstrate your successes or expertise with specific examples that relate to their situation

Use examples of current work; tell them about your repeat business and how your service added value to someone they can identify with.

In short, make it all about them.  If you’d like help developing your company profile, contact Ann today.

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