Why Google uses Direct Mail

This morning I received a letter from Google.  Posted in Sweden, and delivered to my street address.  I was delighted.  Our new website is only five weeks old and already Google has noticed us; we must be doing something right! Then I realised that there was much more to this.

Integrated marketing campaigns work.  A marketing campaign comprising several elements, all working together to build a consistent brand image or marketing message is the Holy Grail.

Of course, certain elements are particularly sexy (every brand manager wants their brand on TV!) while others (like community promotions) are time-intensive and almost as expensive.  So you can’t expect to incorporate every possible marketing vehicle in your plan.  But if you back up TV with print, or radio with outdoor advertising (or with a big enough budget, have the whole lot) and use online, promotion and PR in conjunction with traditional advertising, you’ll be really  memorable.

But sometimes marketers lose sight of this fact.  The advent of social media and online marketing has been a boon for marketers with limited advertising budgets, any many believe that this alone will be enough to build their businesses.  But while impressive statistics like 324 million websites (as at May 2011) and two billion internet users might suggest that you need nothing more than the internet, this is not true.

I don’t think anyone would suggest that Google doesn’t know how well online marketing works, and they still back up their online presence with letters and printed brochures.

Because Google knows that an integrated campaign is more powerful.

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