Two great South African TV ads

Every so often you see a TV commercial that makes you want to stop, rewind and play it again.  And while you might be more likely to want to fast forward, here are two of the great ones.

I love Nedbank’s Eugene ads, this one in particular. It’s brilliantly cast and Eugene is likeable and very memorable.  And the writing is great. Lines like “I want to need it” and “It’s like fairies moonwalking across my tongue” just make me smile.

But I may be in the minority as it hasn’t has much credit yet, unlike the new Bell’s ad, which already has a big fan base. This is heart-warming and so completely South African; kudos to creative team at King James.

Whiskey has been marketed aggressively in South Africa for a couple of years now (and since sales have outstripped brandy sales, it seems that the investment is paying off), but this ad is sure to stand out from the crowd.

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