Content Marketing Strategy

Also known as inbound marketing and customer publishing (as well as various other descriptions); content marketing is all about communicating with consumers without selling.

Mystifying to many marketers (hey, we’re here to sell!), content marketing’s strength is encouraging your target market to look to you for information and expertise on subjects that matter to them.  Content marketing is about building a relationship, gaining trust and giving your market content that keeps them coming back for more.  And yes, designing this around your business objectives.

So a pram company, for example, might publish articles on their web site, on decorating a nursery or planning a toddler’s birthday party, encouraging young mothers to visit their website on any matter related to babies and toddlers.

This is not to say that no mention is made of your own product.  That would just be a missed opportunity!

Octarine will help you to develop your content marketing strategy and research the right content for your business.  And then we’ll create your content for you.  We’ll write the articles for you if you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, design visual materials or create videos.  We’ll help you with slide presentations, white papers, research reports and printed content.  And we’ll make sure to share it where it will make the most impact.

If you’d like to find out more about content marketing, take a look at some of our content marketing articles now or, better still, contact us we’ll show you can use it to grow your brand.