Probably the most popular Super Bowl TV Commercial ever

Last week, over one hundred and eleven million American TV viewers watched the NFL Super Bowl.  This tradition is more than a game of football; it’s a powerful marketing opportunity.  And the ads are an essential part the entertainment.

This is the opportunity for major brands to launch their new TV commercials.  If they can afford it, that is.

With TV rates of upwards of US$3.8 million for a 30 second slot this year, and many ads running to a full minute, marketers pay handsomely to reach this audience.  Of course, that doesn’t include production costs!

Approximately 50 new commercials were launched during the game, so the competition for the hearts and minds of the viewers was fierce, but the advertising agencies certainly rose to the challenge.

The Budweiser “Brotherhood” ad is my clear favourite.  Of course, when your brand is this well known, you don’t sell brand benefits.  You sell brand values.

This ad is beautifully shot, the Fleetwood Mac soundtrack is poignant and the production values are flawless – it’s like a miniature movie!  The story isn’t new, but it’s certainly a heart-warming take on the familiar.  And the values of loyalty, trust and tradition are clearly and compellingly communicated.

Spending the equivalent of R71 million on a single one-minute TV spot might seem excessive, but at approximately 63c (South African) per contact, it doesn’t seem quite so extravagant when you look at the numbers. And since this is already the third most-shared Super Bowl TV ad ever, it has definitely succeeded in appealing to its audience.

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  1. Ann Druce on February 13, 2013 at 13:18

    Yes, and it not just about budget. Budweiser launched a second commercial too, but it just doesn’t compare – and has only garnered 300 000 “shares”, compared with well over 12 million for this one.

  2. Ginny on February 13, 2013 at 06:33

    Wow, breathtaking. With +-50 new commercials launching, you have to really stand out, and/or pay fat loading for special position. And the engagement at the end is brilliant, as that leads to another communication opportunity, announcing the name.

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