New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers No. 2

Allow time for great creative

Of course, this isn’t always possible.  If a client has a short deadline, we’ll always hustle to get the advertising or graphic design work out on time.  Or if they have a limited budget, we won’t offer them the luxury of hundreds of hours of creative time that they can’t afford.

But the reality is that creative ideas are not sitting on a shelf, waiting for the art director or graphic designer to choose one and package it for the client.  And what seems like a promising idea can turn out to be a dead end after several hours of work.

We need enough time to explore creative options, evaluate them against the strategy, fine-tune them for the target market and generally craft a great piece of work.

BP logoJust as an example, the BP logo is reported to have been developed at  cost of £4.6 million.

Now this is a great logo, highly recognisable and distinct, but it is fairly clear that while the final illustration may only have taken a couple of hours, BP understands that a whole lot more than final illustration goes into developing a great logo.

Getting this one right is not just about managing our resources at Octarine; the overriding imperative is making sure that the marketing objectives are met, on time and on budget.   (So I may find it hard to keep this New Year’s Resolution every time!)

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