Is your logo a bit blurry?

Pelican Systems logo

Almost every time I open a newspaper, be it a national title or a community free-sheet, I see at least one piece of retail advertising where the logo (and often the address and contact details) is pixelated, blurred and distorted.

It is very common in government advertising too.  (You know those Government Department ads?  The ones wishing you well for Workers’ Day or Women’s Day or, better still, wishing some politician a Happy Birthday.)  The South African coat of arms is an all-too-frequent victim.  Next time you see one of those ads, stop and have a look and see what I’m talking about.

If that is your ad, don’t you look at it and wonder why the print quality is so poor on only one section of your ad? Have you asked your advertising agency to explain why your competitors’ logos look fine but yours doesn’t?  Or did you simply ignore them when they suggested the logo you supplied was a problem?  Did you wonder if your graphic designer was being obstructive when she suggested she recreated the logo if you couldn’t supply a high res version?

You can’t rely on what it looks like on your computer screen, or even printed out on your inkjet or laser printer.  Your corporate ID may look fabulous on your website but almost any jpeg you copy from a website will be completely useless for litho printing.

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  1. Roderick Ephraim on October 14, 2014 at 13:45

    Thanks for the very relevant article, Ann! (In an ideal world) – every company and public entity should have a correct and updated master vector file of their logo on hand to avoid this scenario, or is that wishful thinking? On the flip side – perhaps filling advertising space outweighs print quality…

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