How to use newsjacking to leverage your advertising budget

The new Mini ad dives right into the spreading European horsemeat scandal, capitalising on current news to build consumer awareness of this particular model.

Mini Cooper

Horrified that they have eaten horsemeat under the illusion it was beef, some people may still feel a little queasy, but there is nothing tacky or distasteful about the Mini ad.

Instead, it clearly communicates key selling points of the Mini Roadster (power and speed), using puns, humour and an irreverant tone that complements the brand values.

This witty response is great advertising, and it’s likely to get far more than its fair share of attention.  In newsjacking a current story, Mini have ensured that their ad (and their brand) will be noticed.

You, too, can capitalise on current events to create greater awareness for your brand.  Newsjacking depends on speed of action and a relevant message.  It also demands a keen awareness of public sensitivities, and any attempt to newsjack tragedy can easily backfire.  But while the horsemeat scandal is widespread fraud, and a source of concern and offence, it doesn’t exactly constitute a tragedy.  And Mini Cooper have certainly made it work for them.

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