How to delete a duplicate LinkedIn profile

There are plenty of people who have more than one LinkedIn account, some people even have three!

Duplicated LinkedIn account_blur2

You might have signed up a while back and then forgotten about it and rejoined. Or perhaps you realized you had an existing account, but didn’t know how to access it, so started all over again with a new password.

But it’s not ideal, particularly if you can be identified by a photo, your professional headline, or a company name. To be blunt, it makes you seem a little disorganized, technologically challenged and possibly even unprofessional.

But it’s quick and easy fix, so go and do it now!

Step 1:
  Sign in to your most recent LinkedIn account, and search for your name. All of your existing profiles should show up. Click onto the account you want to delete, then copy the URL and save it to a Word document (or anywhere else convenient).

Step 2:
  Sign out of LinkedIn completely, using the drop down menu at the top right of your screen, just hover your cursor over your photo.

Sign out of LinkedIn

Step 3:
  Copy and paste the URL you saved into your search bar. LinkedIn will ask you to sign in. Simply fill in your email address and click on the forgot password link and LinkedIn will send you your password.

Sign in again

Step 4:  
Make sure you’re on the profile you want to delete. Then go to your connections and export a list so you can invite them to reconnect on the correct profile. (Keep a list and remind anyone who doesn’t respond within a week.)

Step 5:  
Go to your Privacy and Settings (on the drop down menu as before). Even though you’re signed in, LinkedIn will ask you to sign in again.

Step 6:  
Click on the Account tab and hit the Close your Account button.

Close your LinkedIn account

If you can’t remember the email address you used to create the account, you’ll have to ask LinkedIn for help. Contact them and ask them to do it for you.

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