Durban proves that quality content converts

Moses Mabhida

Marketers have adopted content marketing with enthusiasm. From blogs to videos, from infographics to webinars, almost anyone with a website is creating content.

But a lot of it just isn’t working. This isn’t really surprising – most of it just isn’t up to scratch. A bit like a lot of the concerts in Durban.

In July, Joan Armatrading played to a pitiful audience. I meant to go; I used to love her music and I’d have made the effort in 1985, but it just wasn’t that exciting and I clean forgot. I predict the other has-beens lined up for the next few months will have a similarly disappointing turnout: Smokie, Jennifer Rush, Roxette. Seriously? I’d rather spend my money elsewhere than invest in these ageing rockers’ pension plans.

Then there’s the rain; it would be remiss to leave that out. Can you remember an outdoor concert in Durban when you haven’t been soaked to the skin? Michael Bublé, Robbie Williams, Elton John, REM, Chris Brown, Bryan Adams. It’s tradition; it always rains in Durban during a concert. (I blame the promoters. Choose an indoor venue in the rainy season, or don’t be surprised that we’ll only commit to a ticket for a really good act.)

But yesterday the Mumford & Sons concert sold out in 82 seconds! Not bad for a city that has a reputation for never supporting international concerts. Not bad, full stop.

And therein lies the lesson for content marketers. Don’t expect your audience to care if you keep trotting out tired old stories and out-dated acts. But if your content is relevant, up-to-date and entertaining – or even just useful – people will respond. Just like the concert audiences in Durban.

How well is your audience responding to your content? If you’d like to discuss a customised content strategy for your business, give Ann a call on 031 564 6921, and let’s chat.

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