Do you need a LinkedIn Company Page?

There are two reasons you might need a company page:

  • You want to promote your business and build a reputation for expertise
  • You want to measure the impact of your LinkedIn activity

LinkedIn was originally designed for personal interaction and to showcase personal expertise and experience. And the personal profiles do a great job of this.

But LinkedIn company pages offer huge potential to harness the personal expertise of individuals to enhance the company’s reputation – whether for expertise or as a desirable employer.

Size doesn’t matter
You don’t need to be a major multi-national corporate to warrant a company page. Smaller companies can capitalise on the expertise of their staff in exactly the same way, and leverage their staff networks to extend the influence of their company pages.

But for some strange reason, many people set up a personal profile for their business rather than using the company page.   I advise against this for three main reasons:

  • It looks unprofessional; it just doesn’t make sense to describe a business in the same terms as a person.
  • It’s a clear indication of a lack of sophistication when it comes to social media – which isn’t exactly the image you want for your business
  • It contravenes the user agreement you accepted when you signed up for LinkedIn, and they could shut down your page overnight if they find your page.

Measuring the efficacy of your LinkedIn activity
There’s no point in having a company page unless you post useful content on a regular basis. But one of the key advantages of company pages is that LinkedIn gives instant, easy to understand analytics and you’ll be able to see which of your posts are gaining traction with your target market. You’ll see:

  • Impressions – how many people had the chance to see your post
  • Clicks – if you included a link in your post, you ‘ll see how many people clicked through to your link
  • Interaction – the number of likes, shares and comments
  • Engagement – number of interactions/impressions

These analytics give you insights so you can customize your content to best appeal to your target market and make your LinkedIn activity even more valuable.

Yes, you probably do need a Company Page.

If you have any questions about LinkedIn, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.  Just leave a message in the comments section.

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