Graphic Design

Octarine offers graphic design to build your brand identity and promote your business using:

Poster Design
From retail to personal care, from healthcare to education to charity events, posters are a cost effective way to:

  • Communicate a  single-minded advertising message
  • Highlight your strengths
  • Build your brand image
  • And reach your target market

Brochure Design
Information brochures and leaflets are a highly effective way to tell your target market exactly what it is that you do.

  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Annual reports
  • Sustainability reports
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Company profiles
  • Instruction manuals

Good graphic design can make your brochure communicate even more effectively.  We also research content and supply solid source references for content for brochures.

Newsletter Design
Company newsletters help you to connect.  Whether you want to keep in touch with customers or your staff, newsletters are the ideal way to keep your target market informed and up to date.

Printed newsletters can also be supplied electronically for publication on your company website to extend your message.

Company Profiles
Company profiles are an effective sales tool for service and professional companies. They give you the opportunity to detail your organisation and your key personnel.

Your company profile is, however, not about you!  It’s about the clients who will read it, and what matters to them.  At Octarine, we’ll write your copy and give you the graphic design to present your company in a way that that matters to you clients and make your company stand out from the competition.

Packaging Design
Good packaging design sells.  It gives your consumer the reassurance they need to commit to spending their money.

Packaging design communicates brand image, product information and all the legal requirements in an attractive and practical form.  Packaging is more than just graphic design, it is the combination of design, copywriting, strategy and technical elements to present and protect your product.

Corporate Identity Design Colour, shape and font all contribute to your corporate identity and help shape the way your brand is seen by your clients.  Your logo should reflect your brand values and who you are.   We design logos, letterheads and business cards based on the brand strategy.

If you’d like your graphic design to reflect who you are, contact us now.