Corporate Identity Design

Colour, shape and font all contribute to your corporate identity and help shape the way our brand is seen by your clients.  Your logo should reflect your brand values and who you are.   We design logos, letterheads and business cards based on the brand strategy.

Logo Design
Your logo is part of your corporate identity and it should reflect your brand values.   We design logos based on the brand strategy.  For example, your brand may be:

  • Innovative or traditional
  • Exciting or tried and trusted
  • Funky or conservative
  • High tech or warm and friendly
  • Luxury or accessible

Letterhead Design
Your letterhead is a daily reflection of your company.  Build your brand image with a letterhead that communicates your key attributes – whatever they may be.

You can be fun, fresh, serious, high-tech, innovative, reassuring.   We’ll incorporate colour, space and the selection of stock to create the image you want to present.

Business Cards Design
Is your business card clear and easy to read?  Does it stand out from the mass?  Will your prospect remember you when he looks at your card?

If you’d like your corporate identity to reflect who you are, contact us now and we’ll come up with some great graphic design ideas that show who you are.