Selfies are like tattoos

Selfie was the 2013 word of the year, and its inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary has given it an unanticipated aura of respectability.  But selfies are still fairly polarizing and, like tattoos, elicit strong emotional responses.

But who’d have thought this social phenomenon would extent as far as it has.  I knew there was one song that mentioned them, but I didn’t realize there were 13!

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5 Reasons your LinkedIn profile photo matters

1. Stand out from your competitors
We’re a visual bunch!  If you don’t include a photo in your profile, even if you optimise the rest of your profile and rate higher on search results, you’re likely to lose out to competitors who do include a photo.

example of LinkedIn profile pics

It’s clear which profile will attract the most attention and which are at a distinct disadvantage.

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Top 6 tips for your LinkedIn profile photo

No Selfies
Selfies are fine for informal social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, but LinkedIn is a professional network, so choose your photo accordingly.

Dress the part
Your photo should reflect your work self; not you on the beach or at a coffee shop. (Unless perhaps you sell yachts or own the coffee shop!)

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How to build a great LinkedIn profile

Start taking advantage of the LinkedIn opportunity TODAY

photo of incomplete profile
Since I conducted my survey among LinkedIn users, it’s hardly surprising that the vast majority of respondents believe that LinkedIn does present a marketing opportunity. In fact, quite the contrary; it’s more surprising that a full 17% don’t believe it is. (Makes you wonder why they bother to belong to LinkedIn.)

However, what’s more astonishing is that only 15% say that they’re taking advantage of this opportunity.

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Growing your business with LinkedIn

The most-asked question about LinkedIn on my survey of South African executives is “Can I get business from Linked In?” This highlights the vital truth that social media marketing has to be about marketing; it’s not enough to be social 

In short, the answer is yes, you can definitely grow your business through social media. But that doesn’t mean it’s automatic!


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Questions South African Execs are asking about LinkedIn

LinkedIn Since our social media usage, preferences and experiences might not align exactly with international trends, I recently asked South African executives what they needed to know.

I’ll be answering all their questions over the next few weeks, and if you did find time to contribute to the LinkedIn survey, thank you, I do appreciate your input.

Just for interest, 80% of respondents recognise that LinkedIn presents a marketing opportunity, but only 20% are doing anything about it.

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In short, advertising should generate sales!

There are plenty of reasons to advertise: to create brand awareness, build credibility and ensure a sustainable business. But in short, we advertise to increase sales.

No matter how high-minded our marketing objectives, it all boils down to making sure our target market believes that we offer the best possible answer to their needs, and that they remember our brand name so they can find us when they’re ready to buy.

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Welcome to Port Elizabeth International Airport

As marketers, we agonize over our marketing strategy and our consumer promise, committed to finding the perfect solution. We  fall in love with our products and services, their potential and the value they can add to our target market.   We craft a message and shout it out loudly, to reach our target market and convince them we’re a perfect fit.

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One clear, single-minded message

It’s marketing strategy 101.  Define your consumer promise tightly and don’t try to be all things to all people.   Pick the single most important thing about your brand, and communicate it clearly to your target market.

Of course, that’s not always simple. So often we can’t focus.  We love so much about our brands that we want to tell our target everything – if only they would pay attention!

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Advertising Lessons from the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics start today and P&G have produced fabulous advertising that I just had to share with you.

Figure skaterMy daughter used to be a figure skater and my son played ice hockey, so I’ve spent more than my fair share of time freezing in ice rinks and this ad really speaks to me on a personal level.

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