How many clients do you ignore?

Don’t you just hate being ignored?  You know those people who know who you are but somehow never remember you, or just don’t see you?  I’ve just realised that a supplier has been doing that to me!

Don't neglect small clients

Back in the bad old days – a couple of years ago – we used to send advertising material to publications on CD.  I clearly remember the panic when the courier was at reception, threatening to leave because the courier bag wasn’t quite ready for collection, and we’d beg him to wait for fear we’d miss the deadline.

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Is bad grammar getting in the way of your communication?

There’s a good chance I’ll miss your point if you use an apostrophe in a plural or tell me that your heart literally jumped out of your chest. I’ll be too busy rolling my eyes to pay attention to what you’re saying.

I know it’s not cool to admit this, but since people pay me to write for them, it’s probably just as well that I’m picky.

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Two great South African TV ads

Every so often you see a TV commercial that makes you want to stop, rewind and play it again.  And while you might be more likely to want to fast forward, here are two of the great ones.

I love Nedbank’s Eugene ads, this one in particular. It’s brilliantly cast and Eugene is likeable and very memorable.  And the writing is great. Lines like “I want to need it” and “It’s like fairies moonwalking across my tongue” just make me smile.

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How to avoid online obscurity

There are 860 198 registered websites in South Africa, and that’s just the addresses; it doesn’t include the others,,, and .net.

And the growth is exponential. Approximately forty thousand new sites have been registered in South Africa already this year, so standing out and being found online gets harder every day.  Well-planned, attractive sites lose ranking simply by failing to keep up.  It’s like everything else in business, it’s not enough to stand still, you have to move forward or you fall behind.

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How a small ad agency reached page one on Google Search (And how you can too!)

I view the internet in the same way as I view electricity – I’m very good at using electricity, but I certainly can’t rewire the house.  But when I launched this website in September 2012 (which is still a work in progress) I decided I needed to know more about making it really work for Octarine.  So I embarked on a crash-course in internet marketing.

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How to use newsjacking to leverage your advertising budget

The new Mini ad dives right into the spreading European horsemeat scandal, capitalising on current news to build consumer awareness of this particular model.

Mini Cooper

Horrified that they have eaten horsemeat under the illusion it was beef, some people may still feel a little queasy, but there is nothing tacky or distasteful about the Mini ad.

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5 Simple Ways to Give your Website a Haircut

Neglecting your website is like leaving a haircut just a week too late.  There’s nothing really wrong; it just doesn’t look its best.  And people won’t want to comment!  But a little bit of input can keep it fresh and inviting, and it’s quick, easy and affordable to do.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers No. 5

Add new content to my website every week

Yesterday I told you how we had managed to get Octarine ranked at just over 700 000 in three months.  But that was just the beginning of the story, and of course the bubble burst!  After completely neglecting my website from late November over the entire holiday season, our ranking wasn’t looking quite so good.   

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New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers No. 4

Learn something new

Illustration of the words Learn More on a green buttonWhen I set myself the objective of developing a new website, I knew it was going to be frustrating and demanding.

I’ll confess to being a bit of control-freak, and this doesn’t exactly combine well with technophobia when you’re developing a web-site!

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Graphic Designers can’t Spell

Graphic designers are fabulous, talented people.

They’ll  take a boring document and transform it into an eye-catching brochure  that begs to be read.

They’ll conjure up a hard-hitting poster with just a couple of lines of copy.

Unfazed by blank page, they’ll play with colours, stare at books and magazines, then dream up designs, crop indifferent photos and work magic on their computers to bring communication to life.

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