Content Marketing

Why LinkedIn Groups don’t Work

A popular LinkedIn discussion revolved around one simple question:

What do you need out of this group?
More than 100 people responded, with three key answers:

  • Information (case studies, tips and advice)
  • Work (a job, an internship, new clients)
  • Human resources (staff, freelancers, specialised skills)

Now if people are looking for work, and employers looking for people belong to the same group, it should be an ideal meeting ground.  But they are just not connecting.  Obviously this group isn’t working for them.

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The hard facts about internet usage and social media in South Africa today

Local newspapers have quoted all sorts of research suggesting  Facebook is dead; people are tired of it, bored or moving on; that Twitter is so yesterday and social media in general is on its way out.

google logoFor many, this might be good news.  Alvin Toffler was right; technology is moving so fast we do suffer from future shock.

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How to avoid online obscurity

There are 860 198 registered websites in South Africa, and that’s just the addresses; it doesn’t include the others,,, and .net.

And the growth is exponential. Approximately forty thousand new sites have been registered in South Africa already this year, so standing out and being found online gets harder every day.  Well-planned, attractive sites lose ranking simply by failing to keep up.  It’s like everything else in business, it’s not enough to stand still, you have to move forward or you fall behind.

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Social media is a marketing decision

Social media is a polarising force among marketers.  Self-proclaimed gurus, and even business publications like the Harvard Business Review, spew out provocative pronouncements like “Traditional marketing is dead”, “Advertising is dead” and “Advertising agencies just don’t get social media.”

Antagonists respond that social media doesn’t sell and demand “Show me the ROI”.  I doubt that there has ever been as controversial an addition to the marketing manager’s arsenal.

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Does an expensive web design company need its own website?

Arthur Goldstuck’s analysis of the cost of the Free State Government web site makes interesting reading. R98 million is a lot of money for a website, even when spread out over three years.

“The cobbler’s children have no shoes”

Evidence of the technical expertise and sophistication that “justified” this cost is sadly lacking, since the site was built on a R360 Wordpress template. And, more particularly, since the web design company doesn’t even have a website!

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How a small ad agency reached page one on Google Search (And how you can too!)

I view the internet in the same way as I view electricity – I’m very good at using electricity, but I certainly can’t rewire the house.  But when I launched this website in September 2012 (which is still a work in progress) I decided I needed to know more about making it really work for Octarine.  So I embarked on a crash-course in internet marketing.

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How to use newsjacking to leverage your advertising budget

The new Mini ad dives right into the spreading European horsemeat scandal, capitalising on current news to build consumer awareness of this particular model.

Mini Cooper

Horrified that they have eaten horsemeat under the illusion it was beef, some people may still feel a little queasy, but there is nothing tacky or distasteful about the Mini ad.

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Technical and Industrial Buyers want Information

Technical and industrial decision makers tend to be practical.  They are looking for answers to specific questions and want you to show them why your brand is the right answer.  They are happy to debate the pros and cons, and the application in particular circumstances.

Consumer ads can promise “this will be your night”.  A dramatic photograph, the brand name and no verbal message at all can work.  It’s pure emotion.

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Warning: Your Expertise could destroy your Content Marketing campaign

Engineering publicationsAs a marketing manager, you dream of a big advertising budget.  You know that a great ad is not enough; you also have to flight it often.  The more your target sees it, the better.  Repeat advertising will build your brand awareness and recognition and reinforce your consumer promise.

So you analyse your media carefully, identifying the various publications your target market reads, making sure they see the same ad repeatedly.  You don’t simply rely on one magazine.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Newsletters

1.  Ignoring your sender information
This matters more than you might realise.  Make sure it is clear and complete –  we don’t often  open emails from people we don’t recognise.

If you are writing to your existing client database, and they have a relationship with you, use your name.  But if you are writing to people who don’t know you (even if they are existing clients), make sure your company name as well as your name are clear.  Spam emails and viruses are so common that many people won’t open an email if they are not sure who sent it.  Use your sender details to build trust.

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