Content Marketing

How many clients do you ignore?

Don’t you just hate being ignored?  You know those people who know who you are but somehow never remember you, or just don’t see you?  I’ve just realised that a supplier has been doing that to me!

Don't neglect small clients

Back in the bad old days – a couple of years ago – we used to send advertising material to publications on CD.  I clearly remember the panic when the courier was at reception, threatening to leave because the courier bag wasn’t quite ready for collection, and we’d beg him to wait for fear we’d miss the deadline.

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Growing your business with LinkedIn

The most-asked question about LinkedIn on my survey of South African executives is “Can I get business from Linked In?” This highlights the vital truth that social media marketing has to be about marketing; it’s not enough to be social 

In short, the answer is yes, you can definitely grow your business through social media. But that doesn’t mean it’s automatic!


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Sometimes you just can’t avoid change

Breaking through the ceilingDiscovering that you’ve lost 13 years worth of advertising and graphic design artwork is not the best way to start a day – especially when you’re on deadline.  The Octarine office had been burgled and we lost pretty much every bit of technology, even my cell phone charger!

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A great example of content marketing

Despite all the publicity that Content Marketing is getting lately, there’s still a fair bit of uncertainty around it.  And in case you think it’s all about blogging,  there’s a host of options you could use.

Two weeks ago, Chipotle raised the stakes on content marketing.  This chain of Mexican restaurants, pride themselves on what they call “food with integrity”.  They boast meat from “naturally raised” animals and organic black-bean. They’ve even lobbied Congress against the use of antibiotics in farming. And their Scarecrow video has clocked up over 6.5 million views in less than 2 weeks.

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How to Drive Traffic to your Website with Content Marketing

Websites with 51 - 100 pages get 48 times more traffic

There’s not much point in having a website if no-one sees it.  And it can be discouraging to realise that all your time and investment in your website doesn’t seem to be generating the interest you were looking for.

Build your reputation and credibility
Content Marketing can make a significant difference.  Not only does it give you the chance to build relationships with your target market, it also builds search rankings.  In other words, it helps you get closer to page 1 on a Google search.

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Content marketing lessons from a broken hip

My mother’s had a bad time recently.  She fell and broke her hip and it’s been quite an ordeal all around.  Strangely, despite all medical advice and treatment she’s been given, she thinks she broke her coccyx.

My mother reveres doctors.  Doctors, in her mind, are oracles.  Always perfectly informed, always wise and always right.  And she’d think it a gross impertinence to query anything, even when she doesn’t understand what’s going on.

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How does your QC compare?

Coming from a pharmaceutical marketing background, I have a very keen understanding of the need to be able to back up statements of fact with solid proof.  You can’t just make a tablet, give it a name and then tell people that it cures all sorts of woes.  You have to be able to defend your claims, or you soon get chopped off at the knees by the Medicines Control Council, never mind your competitors.

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Taking content marketing offline

KZN Top Business Portfolio 2013
It’s a bit embarrassing; in a severe case of the cobbler’s children having no shoes, I’ve been offline, neglecting my content marketing for a few weeks while I was focused on a client’s content project; not exactly living up to the fundamental truths that:

  • content marketing has to be planned and executed timeously, and
  • no-one will bother to re-visit a website that never offers anything new and interesting.
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