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As marketers, we agonize over our marketing strategy and our consumer promise, committed to finding the perfect solution. We  fall in love with our products and services, their potential and the value they can add to our target market.   We craft a message and shout it out loudly, to reach our target market and convince them we’re a perfect fit.

One clear, single-minded message

It’s marketing strategy 101.  Define your consumer promise tightly and don’t try to be all things to all people.   Pick the single most important thing about your brand, and communicate it clearly to your target market.

Of course, that’s not always simple. So often we can’t focus.  We love so much about our brands that we want to tell our target everything – if only they would pay attention!

Two great South African TV ads

Every so often you see a TV commercial that makes you want to stop, rewind and play it again.  And while you might be more likely to want to fast forward, here are two of the great ones.

I love Nedbank’s Eugene ads, this one in particular. It’s brilliantly cast and Eugene is likeable and very memorable.  And the writing is great. Lines like “I want to need it” and “It’s like fairies moonwalking across my tongue” just make me smile.

Advertising Lessons from the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics start today and P&G have produced fabulous advertising that I just had to share with you.

Figure skaterMy daughter used to be a figure skater and my son played ice hockey, so I’ve spent more than my fair share of time freezing in ice rinks and this ad really speaks to me on a personal level.

3 Christmas ads that make an emotional connection

I’m a big proponent of making a connection with your target market, finding something that matters to them and showing them that you understand their needs.  And making an emotional connection an be particularly powerful.

Needless to say, there’s more than one way to do this.  And nothing proves this quite as much as retail advertising at Christmas.

Rise to the Challenge

Open Door logoEstablished 15 years ago, the Open Door has made a real difference to more than 65 000 devastated victims of crime, violence and hardship, helping them rise above their despair and rebuild their lives.

No one is ever turned away
Best known as experts in women and children’s issues, the Open Door turns no-one away, offering counselling and support to men, women and children who are victims of rape, domestic violence, incest and human trafficking.

A great example of content marketing

Despite all the publicity that Content Marketing is getting lately, there’s still a fair bit of uncertainty around it.  And in case you think it’s all about blogging,  there’s a host of options you could use.

Two weeks ago, Chipotle raised the stakes on content marketing.  This chain of Mexican restaurants, pride themselves on what they call “food with integrity”.  They boast meat from “naturally raised” animals and organic black-bean. They’ve even lobbied Congress against the use of antibiotics in farming. And their Scarecrow video has clocked up over 6.5 million views in less than 2 weeks.

Unwanted links can damage your digital marketing

You need links
Building links with other high quality websites has distinct benefits and is a vital element of digital marketing.  It gives you the opportunity to expose your web content to a wider audience and generate additional traffic.

Not only can you dig for more information, demonstrate appreciation or add value to someone else’s though process by commenting on their blog, at the same time, you can build links for your own website.