Subtle branding for a stronger message

Women’s Day is a really bad excuse for a public holiday.  I keep thinking it’s about women’s rights in general and, until I was reminded this morning, forgot that it is intended to honour the women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956 to protest the pass laws. And I’m probably I’m not the only one who sees it as just another public holiday, rather than a rallying cry for women’s rights. But since it’s a whole three months since the productivity-sucking surfeit of public holidays we enjoy every year around Easter, I’m happy to sit back and enjoy a day off.

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How many clients do you ignore?

Don’t you just hate being ignored?  You know those people who know who you are but somehow never remember you, or just don’t see you?  I’ve just realised that a supplier has been doing that to me!

Don't neglect small clients

Back in the bad old days – a couple of years ago – we used to send advertising material to publications on CD.  I clearly remember the panic when the courier was at reception, threatening to leave because the courier bag wasn’t quite ready for collection, and we’d beg him to wait for fear we’d miss the deadline.

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Consistency is the key in marketing – and everything else!

I went swimming this morning.  This is significant because I loathe swimming and I’m a really bad at it – and still I swam 700 metres.

In late October, I stumbled and sprained my ankle quite badly.  Or so my doctor told me.  A month later, I finally demanded an x-ray and discovered it was actually broken in three places.  And no, neither chardonnay nor high heels were involved.

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Emotion, online cat videos and brand-building

The new Friskies TV commercial takes full advantage of two key marketing trends:

  • Using emotion in advertising
  • The popularity of online cat videos

Almost every advertising blog will tell you that using emotion in advertising is one of the key ways to make a real connection with your target market; this isn’t exactly what you’d call a surprising insight.   But recognising it to be true and getting it right aren’t the same thing.

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Do you need a LinkedIn Company Page?

There are two reasons you might need a company page:

  • You want to promote your business and build a reputation for expertise
  • You want to measure the impact of your LinkedIn activity

LinkedIn was originally designed for personal interaction and to showcase personal expertise and experience. And the personal profiles do a great job of this.

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How to export your LinkedIn Contacts

Keeping in touch with your LinkedIn network is not as simple as posting regular updates, or commenting on other’s activity. Sometimes it just makes sense to take a more direct approach and send an email. And sometimes you might want to send more than just one.

Exporting your LinkedIn connections is quick and easy. You can save their names and email addresses to a CSV file and create a mailing list in a matter of minutes.

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Run like a girl

Since it’s Women’s Month, I had to leap onto my soapbox.  Of course women face far less discrimination that they did in the past, but for many, the claim “of course I agree that women are equal” is true only insofar as women are seen as being equal to each other!

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Is bad grammar getting in the way of your communication?

There’s a good chance I’ll miss your point if you use an apostrophe in a plural or tell me that your heart literally jumped out of your chest. I’ll be too busy rolling my eyes to pay attention to what you’re saying.

I know it’s not cool to admit this, but since people pay me to write for them, it’s probably just as well that I’m picky.

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