Are YOU your Target Market?

We know who watches DSTV, right?  LSM 7-10, with a perhaps a smattering of LSM 5 and a little more LSM 6.  Wrong!

Satellite TV viewership

Drive past any squatter settlement or sub-economic housing development and you might be surprised at the number of satellite dishes you’ll see.

Ah, you might think, they must be watching M-Net.  But that’s not the case.

I always have a vested interest in the brands I market, don’t you?  Sometimes to the extent that you feel you understand the brand so well because you are the target market?

I’m not knocking this.  In fact, it’s just an extension of the “eat, sleep and breathe your brand” philosophy.

But no matter how invested we are in our brands, or how closely we identify with the target market, we cannot presuppose that we represent the target market.   Instead of developing a strategy and making business decisions based on our personal perspectives, a logical and systematic analysis of the market environment is essential.  Or we could end up out of touch and wasting precious marketing budget.

Formal market research can be prohibitively expensive, but there are alternatives.  You can learn a lot from desk research; company websites and social networks are a great source of information.  You can use your network, picking the brains of professional contacts, ex-colleagues and even ex-competitors to gain insights into the market and information on user profiles and attitudes.  Media owners also usually have up-to-date information that they are willing to share.

So exactly who is watching DSTV?

More than 10% of people in
LSM 3, 4, 5 watch DSTV

41% of DSTV viewers are
LSM 3 – 7

Only 59% of DSTV viewers are LSM 8 – 10

By comparison, fewer than 1% of LSM 3, 4 and  5 watch M-Net, and 5% of LSM 6 and 7.

And if this is surprising to you, what other strategic miscalculations might you make if you rely only on your personal experience when making your marketing decisions?  If you’d like Octarine to take a professional look at your marketing strategy, contact us now.

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* Source: AMPS research past 7 days, 5 Nov 2012                                           WDMS7PFAWVA4 

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