Octarine is a full service advertising agency, offering a range of advertising:

Magazine Advertising
No matter what your business, there is magazine to reach your target market.  From consumer brands to professional services and B2B advertising, the right magazine will give you a high quality environment to showcase your brand.

Radio Advertising
Radio advertising is immediate and cost effective.  And radio ads can be flexible and exciting too.  But your ad campaign will be is even stronger when you back it up with a visual form of advertising – magazine ads, newspapers or outdoor advertising.

Newspaper Advertising
Newspaper advertising gives you:

  • Short lead times, so you can advertise at short notice
  • Pinpoint target marketing – by region, or even by suburb
  • Advertorials – print ads that that look like editorial content.
  • Sponsored columns for expert advice

Outdoor Advertising
Outdoor advertising takes many forms:

  • Large scale hoardings
  • Small street pole ads
  • Mobile advertising
  • Advertising in malls and airports (though these are not necessarily literally outdoors!)

The key to good outdoor advertising is to keep the message clean and simple.  Don’t include complicated details and small print.

Direct Marketing
Direct marketing creates a personal relationship with your target market.  And like any relationship, it is built on repeat contact with your target market.  Direct marketing can be used for on-going campaigns or short term promotions.

Email us and let’s talk.  We’d love to develop your advertising campaign to reach your target market and build your business.