About Octarine

Octarine is an advertising and design agency based in Durban.  We’ve been around since 2001, and happily, so have some of our clients.   We create advertising that sells.

Ann DruceAnn Druce
Ann started out in FMCG marketing before moving into advertising and now heads Octarine.

Nhonho Myeza
Nhonho has a broad background in retail and educational management.


SuccessesLoerie Award
Our team has won several awards, including two Loeries,  a Silver Quill Award and even a couple of international advertising awards.

But we prefer to judge our success by our clients’ success.   After all, if your ad is working for you you’ll probably want us to do more work for you.

You deserve the best advertising support to grow your brand, so we need you to trust us with your marketing strategy.  But we keep all confidential information to ourselves.

Together, we agree the advertising strategy and then we begin the creative process.  We evaluate the graphic design project or advertising campaign against this strategy to make sure you get what you need. 

Our work
Advertising campaigns:
Radio, print, outdoor, cinema

Corporate Identities:
Logo design, letterheads, business cards, name development

Promotional literature:
Brochures, newsletters, annual reports

Brochure copy, internal newsletters, business letters, email copy, press releases, formal speeches

Email marketing:
Email signatures, email copy and content

Retail point of sale displays, signage, light boxes, and regular posters

Packaging Designs:
Cartons, labels, inserts

Desk research:
Content for promotional literature, online research, market intelligence

Budgets structure the creative process; after all, a silk tie and a polyester tie both do the same job and we need to know if you want silk or polyester.

We’ll design your advertising and plan your media to match your budget and consider the campaign a success when we achieve the objectives within the budget. 

Contact us to find how we can help you to grow your business