A great example of content marketing

Despite all the publicity that Content Marketing is getting lately, there’s still a fair bit of uncertainty around it.  And in case you think it’s all about blogging,  there’s a host of options you could use.

Two weeks ago, Chipotle raised the stakes on content marketing.  This chain of Mexican restaurants, pride themselves on what they call “food with integrity”.  They boast meat from “naturally raised” animals and organic black-bean. They’ve even lobbied Congress against the use of antibiotics in farming. And their Scarecrow video has clocked up over 6.5 million views in less than 2 weeks.

It’s almost a feature film.  The production values are beautiful and the story of a sad little scarecrow who plucks up the courage to fight back against the evil corporate food producer who lies and cheats, claiming that their food is natural and healthy when it’s anything but could have been a Disney movie.  It’s sweet and sad and hopeful.  And it clearly spells out the Chipotle values of healthy, natural ingredients.

Research conducted in the USA last month found that of 19% marketers are allocating at least a quarter of their marketing budget to content creation, with another 29% allocating at least 10% of their budget.

You may not be able to afford a movie like Scarecrow, but it might be time to think how your brand can benefit from content marketing.

If you enjoyed this, please share it.  (And if you have children, they’d probably like to see it too – and it might give them a fresh perspective on processed foods!)

4 thoughts on “A great example of content marketing

    • Hi Sydney

      Just a bit too cynical for my liking. Let’s get real, fast foods and processed foods are never going to be as idealised as the Scarecrow video implies, and this campaign has certainly drawn fire from purists, but they’re certainly taking steps in the right direction. By the way, I’ve removed your link as I suspect it will be dead link in a matter of days due to copyright infringement, but I’ve included the domain name so people can go and look for it if they like.

  1. Clearly showing whose heart is in it and whose vile nature is driving it. It is common knowledge that the food industry cannot care less–anything to tap cravings for dirty money! The innocence and sincerity of the scarecrow is a brilliant and valid contrast!

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