8 Tips on Choosing an Ad Agency

  1. Size matters
    Look for an ad agency that has the resources and skills to give you the quality of work you need.  Working with a freelancer will certainly be cheaper, but you don’t get the benefit of the collaboration of strategy, design and copy.
  2. Don’t choose the biggest agency unless you have a big budget
    Big agencies tend to focus on the bigger clients – but you also want to be taken seriously. So you need an agency that is small enough to see your budget as important, yet big enough to deliver advertising that sells.
  3. Look at ads you like
    Scan magazines and newspapers for ads you like. Most show the name of the ad agency in very small print discreetly in the margin. See which agencies have created the ads you like, and give them a call.
  4. Ask Google
    Search for Ad Agency + your city, or Ad Agency + your industry.  Then visit their websites.  But use their websites as the only measure of their skills.  If they specialise in web design they should have a great site.  And if they don’t,  they may have a simple website.  Just look for one that is professional and gives you the information you think you need.
  5. Phone a friend.  (Or a stranger!)
    Phone a major ad agency and speak to the person in charge of new business. Simply tell them who you are and what your budget is and find out if they are interested. If not, ask them if they can recommend a smaller agency.
  6. Meet with a shortlist
    Establish two or three possibilities and meet with them.  They’ll show you some of their work and you have the chance to ask about target markets and strategies, and get a sense of whether they know their clients’ needs.
  7. Don’t be side-tracked by creative awards
    We are very proud of our awards – we’ve worked hard for them.  But creative awards are precisely that – awards for creativity. They don’t necessarily prove that the ad was effective. So find out whether they achieved the clients’ marketing objectives.
  8. Like the people
    It might seem obvious, but you need to like and respect the people working on your account.  Find out who will handle the business on a day to day basis.  The smaller the agency, the more senior the person you will deal with, simply because there are no juniors.   In a bigger agency, you might have one senior with several juniors who call on the senior when they need extra input.

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