5 Simple Ways to Give your Website a Haircut

Neglecting your website is like leaving a haircut just a week too late.  There’s nothing really wrong; it just doesn’t look its best.  And people won’t want to comment!  But a little bit of input can keep it fresh and inviting, and it’s quick, easy and affordable to do.

1.  Link your web-pages
Encourage your audience to spend more time on your site and see more of what you have to offer, by offering links to articles related to the one they are reading.  Every time you add new content, you create another opportunity to link to existing material, and invite your audience to read more.

2.  Re-visit the way you describe yourself or your brand
It used to be common for people to describe themselves as passionate, dynamic or expert.  More recently, however, this is viewed as puffery.   Edit your descriptions in line with current thinking and include proof of expertise rather than just making an unsubstantiated claim.

3.  Update any photos of people at least every 18 months
And make sure they are recognisable.  Photos date rapidly, and anyone who meets you and realises your photo is of a younger, more attractive you may wonder what else you’re distorting.

4.  Add in new services or focus areas
As your business develops, you may extend your product range or services.  Don’t forget to include any new focus areas.

5.  Add new content on a regular basis
Set yourself a schedule.  It might be once a week or once a month.  It might even be several times a day.  Your schedule is up to you, but make sure you stick to it.  You don’t have to wait to develop a new product range or for life-changing industry news.  The quickest and easiest way is to write a regular blog.  (And yes, even if you have a professional firm, you do need a blog).

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