5 Reasons your LinkedIn profile photo matters

1. Stand out from your competitors
We’re a visual bunch!  If you don’t include a photo in your profile, even if you optimise the rest of your profile and rate higher on search results, you’re likely to lose out to competitors who do include a photo.

example of LinkedIn profile pics

It’s clear which profile will attract the most attention and which are at a distinct disadvantage.

2. Page views
LinkedIn profiles with photos reportedly get 40% more page views that those without photos.
3. Be memorable
If you’re using social media for marketing, it stands to reason that you want to be recognized and remembered.  Use the same profile pic across all your social media accounts to build memorability.

4. Be open and approachable
A profile without a photo signals a desire for privacy.  If you keep your distance, so you can expect potential clients to keeps theirs too.  And if you fear people invading your space, online networking may not be for you.

5. Position yourself as professional
Whether you want to be seen as conservative, exciting, innovative or stable, a profile photos shows that you’re serious about using LinkedIn for marketing.

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